With Betting Experience betting has never been easier!

Thanks to its advanced algorithms, our software is able to generate forecasts for an incredible number of leagues, from the best known to the minor leagues.

The program, based on many info in its possession (statistics, odd movements, money flows, alignments, trends …), generates percentages for signs:

  • 1X2

The highest percentages are always highlighted. You also have available the odds associated with the event.


If this is not enough, the program, to improve your predictions, allows you to study every single game in detail, with an incredible number of information, all detailed. Just one click to find out the value of all the numbers.


Betting Experience is not only this!

The portal has an incredible series of other analyzes and pages with which you can choose quickly and easily all the games to play!

Focus on the most known leagues

A screen shows you the games with the highest percentages of the major leagues, for each outcome.


Partial/Final statistics



Check here whether the odds of an event is worth or not according to Betting Experience. Many odds are not as advantageous as you believe. Our program calculates a percentage of “goodness” of the single odd.


“Fair Odds”

Find out if book shares are right odds or he tries to “cheat” us. Our algorithms calculate the odd that would be “right” to be applied to the single event!

Advanced statistics for all the leagues

Not just the most common statistics you can find on regular livescore and betting sites. Statistics on goals, over, on first and second half… on multigoals! All in one screen to create your perfect prediction.


And then…

Screenshots to follow the trend of the Asian markets

A monitor of money flows

Advice on the most interesting games to keep in mind

An algorithm than finds for you the most interesting corner kicks!

Graphs showing the trend of the oddsover time

Tables showing consecutive signs for team outcomes

Advanced filters to select only the most interesting games

Possibility to use the application both on PC and on mobile phone

Data update in real time!

Our exclusive Telegram BOTS!

How much time will you save using Betting Experience?