About Us

We are a group of longtime gamblers. And we briefly tell you our story.

From the age of majority we started playing (and often losing). We played little and badly. Every Sunday we play the “bubble” with 15 teams at a time hoping to make a bang.

Years go by and we begin to grow. Grow with age and experience, but above all we begin to grow with betting.

A belief begins to flash in our heads, which then turns out to be true:

Betting is not just luck. Betting is not improvised. Betting is studied. You learn.

We study, we research, we spend days on sheets of paper to make calculations and simulations on bets.

We study the statistics of the teams, of the championships, we document ourselves on the states of form, we study the formations. And we try to apply all this when we go to the agency to bet.

Things are getting better, but we can do even better.

Thanks to the internet and the computer knowledge we have, and thanks to some more experienced friends than us, we begin to learn other tools that were unknown until now, such as the study of share movements, cash management (the famous “bankroll“) .

It’s not just statistics, it’s not just intuition, it’s not just the movements in altitude. It is above all the head that makes the bettor.

We flooded with Excel files and small databases in which we kept the data of the games, we did calculations and formulas in which we processed data on data trying to understand not only the favorites, but also where the odds had the most value.

With a careful management of the cash, playing little and well, we began to take away some satisfaction.

The forecasts were getting better and better, by combining the various numbers we tried to make the ball a little more “square”.

We have created a series of algorithms applicable to every single game, and now, with much more “Experience“, we are always working to constantly improve them.

Studying one or more games is not a trivial thing, you have to dedicate time to analyze the data, make comparisons, play with the numbers, discover the market. Now all these things are here, within everyone’s reach and immediately.

The portal, this program, and all the features it makes available, are the result of all our studies. It is a result we are proud of, but which we will constantly improve, even with your suggestions.

the Betting Experience Team