Telegram BOT – Complete Access Guide

This short guide allows a subscriber of the PRO version to have access to the channels. In order to use the channels, the Telegram user name must be registered in our portal.

NOTE: the only info we need is the Telegram ID or the Telegram User Name. Other sensitive data (such as the telephone number) are not necessary and therefore will NEVER be requested.

Search for the User Name or ID on Telegram

From the Telegram main screen click on the menu.

Then click on “Impostazioni

This is the username you will need to bring back on the portal (it doesn’t matter if you enter the “@” symbol or not)!

It may happen that you have never chosen a Telegram username. There are 2 possibilities:

  1. We are entering now a username (recommended)
  2. We are looking for your Telegram user ID

If you want to choose a username, click on the “username” field:

Enter a Username and click on the tick:

What you have chosen is the Telegram name you will need to enter on our portal!

In case you don’t want to enter the username, you will need the ID

We will use another telegram bot that will provide us with the ID to enter in the portal. We look for it with the lens at the top right

Search for “userinfobot” component, the bot, if started, will reply with the data of our telegram ID. We write the name on the top bar and, having found the component, we click on the name.

Once found, we start the component by pressing the button at the bottom

Pressing start, and waiting a few seconds, the bot will give us our ID.

The ID is a code composed by only numbers, to be memorized and loaded on the Betting Experience portal.

Saved the username we ended up on Telegram. All that remains is to save the username or ID on our portal.


Upload the Username or ID on Betting Experience

The second part, the loading of the name, is to be done on our portal.

After logging in, we press on the menu at the top right, and, immediately after, we go to the “wheel” of the Settings.

Then we write the username or ID saved in the “Telegram Name” ield and, after doing so, click on “Save

This way our account is perfectly configured. There is nothing to do but access the channels.

Channel list will be soon online.

Have Fun!!