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The predictions are hosted on the home page. In order to make the best use of the data provided, Betting Experience provides a panel of options to quickly and clearly select the type of games that can be more “interesting” for a game.

Match filters

The program only allows you to filter events whose exit probability is higher than a certain threshold, which the user can freely set using the bars at the top.
If the “Filter Matches” option is selected, only games that have a percentage greater than or equal to the value chosen through the bars will be displayed.

In the figure to the right of the image above, the “Filter Matches” filter has been selected. The filter is set to 60% for all values. The matches displayed have at least one of the values greater than 60%.

By moving the bars at the top you can increase or decrease the percentage according to your needs.

Match Sorting

Betting Experience assigns a ranking to the single league. Serie A or Premier League will always appear at the start, as they are the elite leagues.

The sorting filter allows you to sort the games according to the starting time, displaying those that are about to start at the beginning.

Competitions choice

Betting Experience analyzes data for over 500 leagues. These leagues are sorted by importance. A bettor could choose to view all of them, or focus only on the most important ones. For this reason, the system provides the possibility to choose to view only some types of championships (elite, middle and minor).

The elite leagues are represented in gold, the middle ones in red and the minors in purple.

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