Betting Experience Channels

The BOT list is exclusive to users of the PRO version. If you are a Betting Experience user, to configure BOTs, you can follow this page.

If you have chosen to do the free trial, you can use our channels for 72 hours!

The system only recognizes PRO users. In this way any unauthorized access, related to people not registered with the service, will be automatically removed from all channels.

Before accessing the channels, configure your Telegram account !! Click here!

Or use our BOT to configure them!

Below is the list of channels you can access.






Here are some practical rules for using them:

  • Read carefully how the bots work.
  • Don’t take everything that comes for gold, there can be many reports. Try to filter only the really valid calls.
  • First follow the bot trend. Rate it first for a few days. Try to understand the reports that arrive.
  • Always play responsibly.